"Take heed little children, lest what you hold dear, be taken way from you, without the shedding of a tear." _Michael Compton

Michael J Compton

enjo        Michael is from Southern Indiana, now residing in Northern Kentucky.

         First and foremost, Michael will be the first to tell you that God is his very first love, above his wife or his children. He also gives all the credit of his abilities & talents to the Lord.
        Michael is an awesome sci-fi/Christian Author. Michael has been blessed with an awesome imagination that keeps his readers from being able to put down his writings until they are at the very end of any of his novels.  
       Michael has written three novels "The Clashes Of tarn",  "Gods Of The Nubi" and "The Gideon Project" and is about to embark on his fourth novel "The Gideon Project Part ll" which is a sequel to "The Gideon Project". Stay tuned for upcoming news and future updates.

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